Keeping All Your Kids Active and Engaged

Our Mission is to Engage, Unite, Enable and Empower Children Through Team-Building, Leadership, and Play!

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Looking for an Incredible Enriching Experience for Your Child?

Team Makers NJ is a name trusted by schools, daycares, camps, parents, youth sports teams, and other youth organizations that are committed to offering the children of their communities fun experiences to equip them with the skills needed for success in life.

We have activities that are suitable for kids between the ages of four and sixteen. To encourage greater levels of team engagement, we actively work with teachers and camp counselors.

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After-School Enrichment

The goal of Team Makers NJ's after-school activities is to teach kids how to think creatively, solve issues, and expand their minds to new ideas while having fun with other kids. Our engaging, entertaining, and active games encourage cooperation, mutual respect, and the development of leadership qualities as children work together to solve tasks and complete games.

Birthday Parties

Have you ever wished you could throw your child a fun, thrilling, active, and even instructive birthday party? You provide the kids, we will provide the entertainment. Children ages 4 to 13 can participate in Team Makers NJ’s birthday parties and experience new activities and challenges.


Team Makers sessions are full of fun, cooperative and interactive games designed to teach children the value of working together, respecting one another, and thinking out of the box to solve problems and complete the challenges.


Interactive challenges that have all the children participating in the same challenges at the same time. Fun and engaging.

Field Trips

Grade level stations where the children do STEM challenges in an interactive environment.

Carnivals & Fun Days

Having a fun event day? Let us help with our exciting carnival stations. We bring the staff and all the equipment and even the prizes.


The Camp Adventures at Team Makers NJ are just AMAZING! Your campers and staff will enjoy the selection of challenges, games, activities, and other events that we will lead. As with all our activities, teams will collaborate and have FUN while developing their leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork skills.

A group of children playing frisbee golf in the park.