Who Says Learning Valuable Life Lessons Can't Be a Ton of Fun!

Team Makers NJ workshops are designed for children in specialized programs, leadership tracks, or for any administrator/educator who wants to work with a set group of children in a very focused area to learn about themselves, each other, and gain life skills.

Our sessions are jam-packed with entertaining, interactive, and cooperative activities made to educate kids on the importance of teamwork, mutual respect, and creative problem-solving in order to complete our games.

A group of children standing in the middle of an indoor gymnasium.

Entertainment With a Purpose

Each workshop is led by a properly qualified Facilitator along with the necessary equipment, and each session can be customized to the time allocated. The only things the school provides are the kids and appropriate space.

Team Makers NJ facilitates with the students as they engage in our precisely created activities, promoting positive attitudes, correcting errors, and assisting kids in developing important skills they may apply to every aspect of their developing life.