Field Trips

For school field trips we break the children into typically 4 or 5 teams. So, if 100 children, you would create 4 teams of 25 or 5 teams of 20 children. We would set up 4 or 5 different stations as mentioned below (you can help determine which stations work for you). You would assign at least 1 teacher or aide to stay with that team. Depending on how much time we have, determines how long each team attends each station.

If a smaller group (ex. 80 children), then we would do 4 stations. We can work with virtually any size group.

Team Makers NJ will provide 4-5 adult educators for the 4-5 STEM learning stations for the children to rotate amongst. And, we bring all our own equipment. You just supply the space and chaperones/teachers to be with each team or you can come to us at the New Milford YMCA and we can host your event.

A group of children sitting on the floor in front of cups.
A group of people gathered outside in the grass.
A group of children standing around in front of a net.

Suggested 5 Stations:

Team Building station

They will learn how to use science, math, and engineering during game and team activities.

Engineering station

Will be a practical building of some type. They will use engineering techniques to solve the activity.

Skill Games Station

Children will play a series of skill carnival-type games and use physics to figure out how to win the challenges. They will do this in teams so strategy and teamwork are also required.

Science Station

The children will either do 1 or 2 science experiments or will learn about outer space while shooting off foam rockets.

Your Choice Station

Can be another take on anything able like different experiments, a different engineering station, or other team building games.

Each group will rotate among the stations so that every child will do every station once. Each station will typically be for approximately 30-45 minutes.

We can stop part way thru for a lunch break, or finish before lunchtime --- as best works for your schedule.

Pricing is typically per child, with no charge for adults whether they just chaperone or participate in the activities. We work with all school budgets.